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Commercial Kitchen Space Rental
7am - 9pm

Mixed use | $18

Baking Suite | $16

Main Kitchen | $16

Prep Work-space  |  $12

Sanitation  |  $8

9pm - 7am

Mixed use | $16

Baking Suite | $14

Main Kitchen | $14

Prep Work-space|  $10

Sanitation  |  $6

If a vendor books either the main kitchen, baking suite or prep kitchen, they will automatically have access to the sanitation station included. Separate scheduling and pricing for sanitation are for users who only need to schedule cleaning time. An example of this is a catering business or food truck/cart that needs to clean up dishes and equipment after an offsite catering event.

All costs reflect up to 2 people/hour. Additional persons, add $10/hour.

Storage prices are in addition. Cold, freezer, and dry storage are available in varying sizes.
A one-time non-refundable security and orientation fee of $150 is due at the time of signing a users agreement.

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